Welcome to Petite To-Go

I  recently moved blogs because I realized how desperately I needed a blog with more focus. The ones from eons ago were everywhere all over the board and, frankly, the writing was kind of a nightmare. Then I tried keeping a written journal and that was also a nightmare. I hate writing things by hand. When I write by hand I tend to like to write neatly and forming all those letters takes much longer than typing them out. I guess I’m just impatient to get all those thoughts out!

I pull a lot of inspiration from Jean of ExtraPetite, Wendy of Wendys Lookbook, Angel of Beautifymeeh, Jen of In The Mood for Heart, and Elizabeth Ivie (of formerly E-Tells-Tales). You may recognize a lot of these blogs as fashion and beauty blogs, but they are also awesome slice-of-life blogs. Elizabeth Ivie’s blog deals mostly with slice-of-life posts with many cute entries about her little baby Ivie. In fact, the title for this blog was inspired by ExtraPetite. Jean deals a lot of the tribulations that I go through shopping as someone who is smaller than petite. Petites typically start at 5′ 3″ and are best fit for people of that height. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am not 5′ 3″ so even with petite sizing, sometimes its a little difficult. (For example, Banana Republic is terrible with their petites. It’s not a true petite at all, but they do have a few gems.) Thank goodness for sewing machines and tailors!

Petite To-Go will be mainly for two things: fashion and food. Every now and then it will contain a few of my personal thoughts, but not much. I’m not trying to go all out philosophical here. Every now and then there may be photo galleries! When I have time for it, I’m a true sucker for photography. I’m a photo-bug! Not quite addicted yet, but getting there. The second aim of this blog will be to make it as public as possible. I have a private presence in plenty of other places, but I want this blog to be something that is truly for others.