About Me


AGE✒ 23
GENDER✒ Female
KNOWN LANGUAGES✒ English, Cantonese, Mandarin, & French (barely)
MAIN INTERESTS✒ Fashion and photography

The combination of being short and having terrible hand-eye-coordination is making my fight against natural selection all the most interesting. I like to dance around the house (with and without music). Sometimes I create graphics for non-commercial purposes. Besides working with graphics, I really like photography, but I’m probably not a full-on photobug just yet. I think my first love will always be fashion and beauty. I’m an aspiring medical student with a huge love for serving others. I currently work for a non-profit within a hospital and it has turned into a hidden blessing because I’m getting to learn all sorts of wonderful things and am growing in ways I didn’t expect.

When you read this blog I ask that you give it the respect that it deserves. Note that these are my personal opinions and my private thoughts. Sometimes I don’t say humble or wise things, so don’t always take my word for it. This blog is a snippet of the world through my eyes and a snippet of my relationship with life.

I’m way more than just a little silly. I’m probably not that normal either, but normal is sort of overrated.


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